The event starts at 9:30am and ends at 6pm on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014. Registration opens at 9:00am.
The program includes
  • 4 invited talks by Geoff Hinton, Christopher Manning, Kevin Murphy, and Ben Recht;
  • 6 short talks and two poster sessions;
  • and, most importantly, break/lunch time for discussion.

 9:00am  Registration opens
 9:25am    Welcome to Baylearn 2014!
 9:30am Keynote 1  Ben Recht, UC Berkeley
 Machine Learning Pipelines at Scale
 10:15am   Session 1
 Session Chair: Alexey Pozdnukhov

 Jascha Sohl-Dickstein; Ben Poole; Surya Ganguli 
 Fast large-scale optimization by unifying stochastic gradient and quasi-Newton methods

 Xinghao Pan; Stefanie Jegelka; Joseph Gonzalez; Joseph Bradley; Michael Jordan
 Parallel Double Greedy Submodular Maximization
 10:45am Break 
 11:15am   Keynote 2 Geoff Hinton, Google and University of Toronto
 Dark Knowledge
 12:00pm   Session 2

 Session Chair: Samy Bengio
 Miguel Carreira-Perpinan; Ramin Raziperchikolaei
 Hashing with Binary Autoencoders

 Judy Hoffman; Sergio Guadarrama; Eric Tzeng; Jeff Donahue; Ross Girshick; Trevor Darrell; Kate Saenko
 LSDA: Large Scale Detection through Adaptation 
 12:30pm Lunch + Poster session Complimentary lunch provided
 2:00pm Keynote 3 Christopher Manning, Stanford
 Distributed representations of language are back
 2:45pm Session 3

 Session Chair: Jean-Francois Paiement
 Virginia Smith; Martin Jaggi; Martin Takac; Jonathan Terhorst; Sanjay Krishnan; Thomas Hofmann; Michael I. Jordan
 Communication-Efficient Distributed Dual Coordinate Ascent

 Dhanya Sridhar; James Foulds; Bert Huang; Marilyn Walker; Lise Getoor
 Collective Classification of Stance and Disagreement in Online Debate Forums 
 3:15pm Break 
 3:45pm     Keynote 3

 Session Chair: Mohak Shah
 Kevin Murphy, Google
 Extracting declarative and procedural knowledge from documents and videos on the web
 4:30pm Reception + Poster session Complimentary wine and cheese reception
 6:00pm  End of the Symposium


Jason Lee; Jonathan Taylor

Jascha Sohl-Dickstein; Mayur Mudigonda; Michael DeWeese

Miguel Carreira-Perpinan; Max Vladymyrov

Samuel Bowman; Christopher Potts; Christopher Manning

Chengjie Qin; Florin Rusu

Meysam Asgari

Dayne Freitag; John Niekrasz; Richard Rohwer; Eric Yeh

Christopher Baldassano; Diane Beck; Li Fei-Fei

William Huffman; Ryan Casey; David Thompson

Robert Nishihara; Stefanie Jegelka; Michael Jordan

Jay Pujara; Kevin Murphy; Xin Luna Dong; Curtis Janssen

Ryan Turner

Will Zou; Xiaoyu Wang; Miao Sun; Yuanqing Lin

Neha Gupta; Eunyee Koh

Jerome Thai; Cathy Wu; Steve Yadlowsky; Alexey Pozdnukhov; Alexandre Bayen

Alisson Gusatti Azzolini; Parv Oberoi; Stuart Bowers; Hussein Mehanna